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Aries Logo IC Test sockets Burn-in socktets
Ic test and burn-in socket Spring Probe Pins Test sockets
Aries Electronics products are designed and made in the USA. IC Test Sockets and IC Burn-in Sockets LF and RF, Custom IC Adapters "Correct-A-Chip" for use in place of spinning a board, Horizontal and Vertical Display Sockets and more, Standad, Semi-Custom to full Custom Solutions, Ask Us. USA

USA1Aries Electronics Test Sockets and / or Burn-in Sockets
CSP Sockets ic test and burn-in sockets smd spring probe qfn lcc bga smt plcc soic sot lga any smt deviceAries IC test and Burn-in sockets low frequency and High Frequency
Test Sockets and / or Burn-in Sockets
- For Any SMT Device & Any footprint!
- Low Frequency or High Frequency
- For Any Pitch from 0.2mm and up
- For Any Mixed Pitch
- For Any Foorprint configuration
- No Tooling charge, small set-up
- No extra extra lead-time

- For Test: 1GHz up to 18.5 GHz
And / Or
- For Burn-in: -55C to +150C.

- Guaranteed perfect fit and contact.
- Performance and perfect fit Guranteed
- Higher performance with Lower cost
- Performance and perfect fit Guranteed
- Higher performance with Lower cost
- CSP, Micro, BGA, LGA, RF, ZIF, QFN, SOIC, TSSOP, DFN, PQFP, MLF, µBGA, Bump-Array, QFN, QFP, MLF, DFN, SSOP, TSOP, SOP, LCC, PLCC, TO, RF, ZIF and Any Surface Mount smt Package Style with leads or without Leads plus most PGA packaged devices. Standard & Custom, Any SMT device 0.2 mm pitch & up

More High Frequency solutions to over 40 GHz

IC Adapters "Correct-A-Chip"
- Modules, Standard & Custom IC Adapters - Modules, Standard & Custom
Don't Spin! Think Aries IC Adapters instead!
Proto to Production Volumes. Standard & Custom IC Modules Custom IC Adapters "Correct-A-Chip" for use in place of spinning a board.
IC adapters custom IC modules plug in modules adapt ic correct-a-chip Aries Electronics Larsen Associates
IC Adapters "Correct-A-Chip"®
"Save Money, Save Engineering Time, Save Time to Market"
"Your Problem Solved Quickly and Cost Effectively"

Custom Breakout Boards
Test socket Breakout board
Custom Breakout Boards and Test Fixtures for IC Test Sockets

Horizontal and vertical Display Sockets Standard and Custom

Display Sockets & Interconnects - The largest selection of standard horizontal & vertical display sockets of any manufacturer plus custom sockets and pick & place versions. Plus a variety of Standard and custom interconnects.
Aries Custom Heatsink IC test and burn-in socket

Aries Custom Heatsink IC Test and Burn-in Socket

Aries Electronics Designed and Made in the USA.

Exatron Logo
ATE IC Test Handler  Laser Marker

Exatron Automated Handlers, Laser Markers, Testers, Pick & Place, Laser Marking, Tri-Temp, Programming, MEMS, High UPH, Serialization,Tape & Reel,Rotary, and Gravity Feed Handlers. All Computer controlled machinery.

USA1Exatron Automated Handlers

- An ATE USA Designer, Manufacturer, & Integrator of Automated Handling, Automated Testing Equipment, Laser Marking, Machine Vision, Sorting, Packaging, Assembling, Programming,Tape and Reel equipment for Lab use, Engineering and Production Applications.

- Exatron specializes in Custom Computer Controlled Machinery Design, Manufacturing & Integration. Pick and Place, Gravity Feed, Rotary, MEMS, Machine Vision, Laser Marking, Desktop Laser

- Exatron serves the IC Integrated Circuit Industry, Medical Industry, Military Industry with cage code, MEMS, Commercial & Industrial industries.

- Exatron equipment is Made in the USA in San Jose California, Since 1974. A USA Manufacturer & integrator of a wide variety standard, custom, and building block components serving the World Wide Market. Designs customized exactly for your needs.

Exatron: "Building beyond your expectations Since 1974"

Exatron test handler IC die forming vision stackers tape and reel output

IC Handler, forming, vision inspection, with tape and reel.

Exatron Tri-Temperature IC Handler Hot Cold Ambient -55C Chiller

- Tri-Temperature IC Handler Hot Ambient Cold -55C. Computer Controlled, no change over kits required.

Manual Taper with vision

- Exatron Manual Taped designed and built by Exatron in San Jose California. Available with or without vision also available with automatic feed.

Single test head hot cold no flid i55C cooling head IC test handler

Exatron's New Wide Temperature Range Single Test Head Thermal Head IC Test Handler No Fluid, No Frost Build Up, minimum range of -55C to +155C

tabletop, mini, IC, Test Handler, single site, compact, small, pick and place, Exatron, ATE, low cost, 902, Larsen

- Exatron's Tabletop, Mini IC Test Handler, single site, pick and place ATE Handler. Desiged and Made in the USA, Starting Under $30K

- Exatron is a San Jose California based Designer, Manufacturer, & Integrator of Automated Handling, Testing, Laser Marking, Machine Vision, Sorting, Assembling, Programming, Serialization, equipment for Engineering & Production Applications. Exatron is also an official USA Government Supplier, Cage Code 49176

- Exatron specializes in Custom Computer Controlled Machinery by incorporating Exatron Standard Building Blocks. These high reliability Building Blocks enable Exatron to build your custom machine from proven standardized parts and then customize the details to meet your exact needs & requirements.

Exatron Designed and Made in the USA.

Chupond logo Standard and Custom high volume production interconnects,sockets,connectors


Chupond America:

Custom Copper and Aluminum Heatsinks.

Custom and Standard Swiss Screw Machine Pins and Contacts.

Volume tape and reel SPI 8 and 16 lead Flash Memory Sockets.

Custom Production Volume socketSPI Flash socket 8 pin 16 pin


Chupond volume production sockets

Chupond America: An American sales, design and engineering company. Standard & Custom design manufacturing and sourcing capable.

HPD Logo


USA. HPD Specializes in bringing your technical product concept, or lab instrument, or technical equipment to comercial product or laboratory ready reality. With a full array of Engineering Services, Design Services, Fabrication Services, Precision CNC Services, which includes this location to Outsorce your design, inspection, analysis or QA functions all in the USA. HPD can provide the unique services customized to your exact needs.

Custom Instrument development


Precision design Manufacturing R&D instruments

World-Class Precision Instrument R & D and Manufacturing of Scientific Instruments & Systems, and Precision CNC Machining specializing in precision mechanical instrumentation integrated with optics, cryogenics, electronics, vacuum & UHV. Cryostats, plus specialized products

LIGO gravitational wave seismic islolation platform

LIGO Gravity Wave interferometers HAM-2 Seismic isolation platform, SEI, by HPD

Scientific, Medical, Aerospace, Semi-conductor, Telecom, Commercial, Military, Lab Research, University

HPD: Builds one-of-a-kind instruments & prototypes, & provides high-quality, small-volume manufacturing, and Contract Precision CNC Machining

Specialty: Transformation of laboratory instrumentation into field-capable instruments, tell us your needs today.

High Precision Devices Designed and Made in the USA


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